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శ్రుతులై శాస్త్రములై పురాణ కథలై సుజ్ఞానసారంబులై యతిలోకాగమవీధులై వివిధ మంత్రార్ధంబులై నీతులై కృతులై వేంకటశైల వల్లభరతిక్రీడా రహస్యంబులై నుతులై తాళ్ళపాక అన్నమయ వచోనూత్నక్రియల్ చెన్నగున్

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

38.BhavayamiGopalaBalam-భావయామి గోపాలబాలం

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భావయామి గోపాలబాలం మన
సేవితం తత్పదం చింతయేయం సదా

కటి ఘటిత మేఖలా ఖచిత మణిఘంటికా
పటల నినదేన విభ్రాజమానం
కుటిల పద ఘటిత సంకుల శింజీతేన తం
చటుల నటనా సముజ్జ్వల విలాసం ... భావయామి

నిరత కర కలిత నవనీతం బ్రహ్మాది
సుర నికర భావనా శోభిత పదం
తిరువేంకటాచల స్థితం అనుపమం హరిం
పరమపురుషం గోపాలబాలం … భావయామి
ragam : yamuna kalyani

Bhavayami Gopalabalam

I meditate upon the Baby Gopala, Who is served by my mind. I always meditate on those feet.||1||
I meditate upon the Baby Gopala, Who is glittering forth due to immense rhyming sound coming from jewel and bell studded waist girdle, and Who is shining forth trembling dances adorned by the sound of feet running in curved trajectories.||2||
I meditate upon the Baby Gopala, Who is engrossed in the beautiful new butter-ball in His hand, Whose feet are adorned by the various devoted emotions of Brahma and demi-gods, Who is situated at the mountain of Tirupati¹ as Venkat, Who is without a comparison, Who is Hari, and Who is the best person.||3||


Sravan Kumar DVN said...

Bhavayami Gopala Balam ... Mana Sevitham ,
Tat padam chintayeyam sada
(This mind bows down in obescience to Gopala in his form as a little child and always contemplates on his lotus feet)
kati ghatitha mekhala , khachita mani ghantika
(Little Krishna is wearing a mekhala (ornament) on his hip which is studded with with jewels and mani's)
Patala ninadena vibharaja manam
(he has a radiant charm ...and appears resplendent due to the tinkling of his ornaments)
kutilapada ghatitha samakula chintitenam
(he makes crooked and uneven steps and being the Lord himself ....
he is confused with his inability to make straight and proper steps)
chatula natanam samujala vilasam
(Even with his uneven steps , his unsteady gait resembles a graceful dance!)
niratakarakalita navaneetham
(butter overflows from his little hands as he walks,)
bramhadi ,suranikara bhavana shopitapadam
(Lord Brahma, all the gods and humans have assembled on this auspicious occassion
to see the little lord ! )
thiruvenkatachala sthitam anupamam harim
paramapurusham gopala balam
(Annamaiyaa praises Bala Gopala as the unparalleled supreme perfect Lord who is an excellent actor and plays his role of a little child stealing the hearts of his devotees! )

రాకేశ్వర రావు said...

ఎంత బాగుంటుందో పాట
అన్నమయ్య గారిదని తెలియదు.
అన్నమయ్యగారి పాటలు ఇక్కడ వ్రాస్తున్నందుకు దన్యవాదాలు

sowmya said...

Thank you for posting in Telugu and Devnagari too! and also thanks for posting the meaning. Here are some typos that I noticed in the Telugu version... first charanam, second line... it is "ninadeNa" not "ninadeVa"... third line of the same charanam... it is "pada ghatitha" not "ghaNtitha". In the second charanam, "brahmadi" should appear in the first line itself... otherwise the praasa would not be correct. Thank You.

Sravan Kumar DVN said...

thanks sowmya garu for the corrections !

Ashrith Harith said...

Thank you so much for the lyrics can you also post the notations pls?

Sravan Kumar DVN said...

Ashrith Harith garu,
thanks for your comment !
but i am not good at music so i might not be able to provide notations.
if i find it anywhere i ll post it.

హిమబిందు said...

Thank You so much for the lyrics

krishnamurthy punna said...

Thankyou for the beautiful posting.
I think instead ofthe word ' crooked ' ' bent' may be considered.

mukunda cheekatla said...

Chaala bavundi mee bhaavam.

mukunda cheekatla said...

Thanks for the meaning

anupam guru said...

please see that Chitteswaram is also published along with the song in Telugu, then it will be helpful for all students of music

Sravan Kumar DVN said...

Anupama garu, can you please share it here if possible.

Sravan Kumar DVN said...

Anupam gaaru, can you please share it here if possible.

Vijayasree said...

Thank you so much. We are getting to hear music with meaning.