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శ్రుతులై శాస్త్రములై పురాణ కథలై సుజ్ఞానసారంబులై యతిలోకాగమవీధులై వివిధ మంత్రార్ధంబులై నీతులై కృతులై వేంకటశైల వల్లభరతిక్రీడా రహస్యంబులై నుతులై తాళ్ళపాక అన్నమయ వచోనూత్నక్రియల్ చెన్నగున్

Saturday, October 07, 2006

25.Sandekada Puttinatti Chayala Panta - సందెకాడ బుట్టినట్టి చాయల పంట

Audio link : BKP
ఐవి. సీతాపతిగారి వ్యాఖ్యానం menaing provided by
Archive Pageసందెకాడ బుట్టినట్టి చాయల పంట
యెంత-చందమాయ చూడరమ్మ చందమామ పంట॥
మునుప పాలవెల్లి మొలచి పండినపంట
నినుపై దేవతలకు నిచ్చపంట
గొనకొని హరికన్ను గొనచూపులపంట
వినువీధి నెగడిన వెన్నెలల పంట॥
వలరాజు పంపున వలపు విత్తిన పంట
చలువై పున్నమనాటి జాజరపంట
కలిమి కామిని తోడ కారుకమ్మినపంట
మలయుచు తమలోని మర్రిమాని పంట॥
విరహుల గుండెలకు వెక్కసమైన పంట
పరగచుక్కలరాసి భాగ్యము పంట
అరుదై తూరుపుకొండ నారగబండినపంట
యిరవై శ్రీ వేంకటేశునింటిలోని పంట॥

rom "Flowers At His Feet" by Pappu Venugopalarao garu.
Inroduction ot Chandamama patalu :
Annamayya composed threee songs with chandamama, the moon. These songs are known as "Chandamama Padaalu" in telugu. Annamayya in his treatises on hymnody gives us the characteristics of these compositions.
When lovers are in separation and if either of the hero or heroin, unable to suffer the pangs of separation, gives a slip to the go-between and unburdens his or her suffering to Chandra, addressing him in every line, such a song, either with two lines or four, is called "Chandamama padam".
Chandamama padam is normally used to describe the pangs of separation of the lovers. In madhura bhakthi, God is the hero and the devotee is the heroine. Annamayya, in the threee songs, touches three different aspects. The first one is the description of the full moon. The second one is the one which is popular all over where Yashoda invites the moon while feeding Krishna and the third one is the description of a festival performed during the full moon light. We dont find this festival now in Tirumala. Probably it was there at his time. This is known as Kaumudi Mahotsavam performed near the Pushkarini on the Tirumala Hills. All these threee songs are classinc examples of extraordinarily wonderful folk compositions embedded with spirutualism, emphasizing the real nature of folklore.

Meaning of Sandekada puttinatti song:
One of the songs which describe the full moon reflects the folk idiom where the moon is described as a crop or a fruit or the result of a cultivation(panta).
Moon is described here in this song as :-
-The crop born out of the milky ocean,
-Born out of the twilight,
-An evergreen harvest for the gods,
-The fruit of the sidelong looks of Vishnu,
-The produce of the moon light spread all over the sky,
-A crop which was sown to creat love by the cupid, which is cool and soothing
-It is fire for those in seperation,
-It is the pleasure of the stars,
-A fruit on the Eastern montains and
-A product in the house of Venkateswara.